Ethics - Honesty

One of the most important elements of OT INDUSTRIES function is the commitment for the ethical behavior. In the long-term, we can be equal to the challenges of the competitive market if we submit ourselves to this conviction to do so on an individual and corporate level.

OT INDUSTRIES employees are in all respects compliant with our Code of Ethics, which is based on the UN Global Compact ten principles. The our basic principles is transparency and honesty, building up our clients’ confidence. We believe in free undertaking, the free and fair competition, and so we measureour customers to the same standard, and we expect this from our suppliers. We don’t conspire with our competitors. Instead, we rely on sub-contractors who assist us in the implementation of projects, keeping information about business partners confidentially related informations, to focus upon building the reputation of our company.

We respect for the human rights. Our Equal  opportunities colleague helps in the success of the principle of the equal treatment.