OT INDUSTRIES is a company with complex industrial investments focused on EPC contracting. The EPC project implementation (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) integrates all tasks related to engineering, procurement and construction, including feasibility study, authorization and commissioning, with a professional project management background.
We always keep our customers’ demands in mind for any project, whether it is a gas, oil, energy or chemical project, plant, technology or product. With a firm base of experience and expertise accumulated over the past 70 years in the forefront of domestic, Central and Eastern European gas, oil, chemical and energy industries, we find the ideal solutions that work for any of our partners’ requests.
Our working methods combine engineering professionalism with a cost-effective approach, so our services are always tailored to the specific needs of our clients. From first draft sketches to technical delivery, we strive for continuous cooperation and dialogue, guaranteeing that in addition to excellent quality of finished work, we will be fully synchronized with the intentions and expectations of our clients.
The most important aspect for customers to take into account is to invest in the best possible quality that will meet their budget and deadlines. To this end, we use the method of "value engineering"; that is to say, during the design phase, we look for technical solutions that will fit the goals of the project, the relevant standards and regulatory requirements, and select the most cost-effective option that will save money and time for our partners.
Another important guarantee we make towards our customers' satisfaction is through "front-end engineering", that is, in the very thorough designing that begins in a project’s initial stages. This all-in-one engineering work ensures that the project does not experience any unexpected problems that hinder completion of the deadline or increase costs. Our partners can be assured that they receive the best quality service within the agreed deadline.
What do we offer to our customers?

• Provide the best available technological solutions with the contribution of our multinational partners and industry-leading license owners.
• A team of project managers and project engineers with extensive domestic and international industry experience.
• Full warranty and technical support during the warranty period.

• Value-driven engineering process in more than 10 disciplines.
• Many decades of domestic and international experience in the engineering of hydrocarbon, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities.
• Innovative design solutions with over 35 engineering software applications.

• Systematic cost-benefit analysis and standardized commercial evaluation for optimum results.
• Domestic and international classified supplier repository.
• Optimized procurement scheduling and costs.

Construction management:
• Competent team of engineers with appropriate professional qualifications who carry out on-site management of construction work, civil, mechanical, electrical and control engineering.
• Management of the construction works according to the schedule; continuous monitoring of the quality of construction-installation activity from designation of the working location to technical delivery.
• Providing high-quality service for start-up operation tasks.