KVV - Contractor

OT INDUSTRIES-KVV Contractor Co. Ltd. is a leading gas and oil pipeline construction, piping and tank construction company in Central Europe.
Based on our several-decade long expertise in Siófok, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to provide high quality services to our customers through the use of innovative solutions and constant renewal of technology, machine and equipment.
In addition to our activities in Hungary, we have also been present in foreign markets for 40 years now. During this period, we have been actively involved in major projects in Germany, Croatia, Romania, Belarus, Poland, Slovenia, Georgia, Iraq, Kuwait and Kazakhstan. 
Our professional past, references and resources guarantee quality and reliable partnership cooperation to our customers. 
Our major areas of expertise:

Our company is one of the leading companies nation-wise when it comes to vertical-cylindrical, atmospheric, aboveground steel storage tanks.

In addition to construction, reconstruction and repair, we have our own diagnostic team and an independent accredited laboratory, so our company is able to complete non-destructive (and even destructive) tests related to all types of tanks (LT, PT, RT, MT, UH, ET, He2).

From 2013 onwards, our services include cleaning as well. Thanks to a highly innovative, self-developed technology, our staff can clean storage tanksup to 40,000 m3 in a closed system without having to get into them. Due to our unique technology in Hungary, the risks of accidental and environmental damage have been significantly reduced.

Construction, repair, maintenance, renewal and dismantling of storage tanks, complete construction

What we offer our customers:
Repair, manufacture and installation of steel tankbottoms
Construction, repair and dismantling of floating roofs
Building, repairing and demolishing fixed roof structures
Repair, partial or full replacement of tank shell plates
Protection of tank foundation against rainwater by steel and plastic water tables
Manufacture, installation and repair of underground and above ground fire-fighting technological pipeline systems
Production of safety components for tanks (steel structure, ladder, ramp, catwalk, etc.)   

The main activity of our pipeline construction group is to complete the entire process of implementing pipelines that carry hydrocarbons from the moment of trail-preparation to the last tasks of restoring the surrounding environment.
Thanks to our dedicated and innovative technicians and the state-of-the-art machinery we can build  even 200 kmlarge (1400 mm) diameter pipeline per year.
Along with the pipes, we also carry out the implementation of the additional equipments (block value stations, metering and control stations, pump and compressor stations) and the  necessary equipments required at the crossings of rivers, roads and railways.
In 2015, a new area has been added to our expertise: building geothermal district heat pipelines.

What we offer our customers:
Pipeline construction activity
Transmission pipelines
Trunk pipelines
Distribution pipelines
Gathering pipelines

Station construction
Block valve  stations
Metering and control stations
Pig launching & receiving stations
Pump and compressor stations

Crossings  (roads, railways, and rivers)
HD Horizontal drilling, and jacking
HDD horizontal directional  drilling
Open-cut method

Our tank diagnostic activity dates back to 2003, when we first started to test tankbottom by eddy current SLOFEC method. Thanks to our developments over the last ten years, we are now capable of carrying out all non-destructive tests related to the structural and tightness  testing of tanks with our own tools and certified specialists. 

We carry out the investigations in our own independent, accredited laboratory, starting from two sites - Százhalombatta and Siófok – mostly in the territory of the country, but we also take up works abroad.

What we offer our customers:
Periodical tank inspections
Complete structural and tightness tests
Tank bottom testing by eddy current method
Testing of double spaces with the use of helium indicator gas
Condition survey of pipelines

What we offer our customers:
Cleaning of tanks by conventional and closed-system method
Cleaning of heat exchangers and tube bundles
Cleaning of pipelines
Cleaning of other industrial equipments

Part of our business is to build traditional or optical cable communication and protection networks. In our country and abroad, we have built over 10,000 km of network in the past few years - in OT INDUSTRIES, all according to our usual high quality and high technical standards.
In addition to building line sections, our profile includes the complete deployment and maintenance of IT networks, fire detection and object protection systems, and the installation of closed-end camera networks.

What we offer our customers:
Network building
Installation of optical cable networks
Installation of conventional cable networks
Horizontal directional drilling drilling
Installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance of active and passive devicesof telecommunication and IT systems

Fire alarm and security systems
Installation, repair and maintenance of conventional and intelligent fire alarm systems
Installation, repair and maintenance of fence and building guarding and entry systems as well as the  installation of remote controlled monitoring system links
Installationand maintenance of analogue and IP CCTV camera systems

Cathodic corrosion protection has been a part of our industrial activity for decades. We have all the field measurement data collection and testing tools that enable the most advanced corrosion protection diagnostic services.
We are constantly following the international changes in the sector and adapting our tools and measurement methods accordingly. We also participate in the monitoring of active corrosion protection systems and the training of corrosion protection specialists.

What we offer our customers:
Design, construction, operation and maintenance of cathodic corrosion protection systems
Stray current impact assessments
Impact assessment of approaching and/or crossing high voltage overhead power  transmission lines , technical measures to be taken on the pipeline side
Revisionof active corrosion protection systems, pipeline route survey using GPS technology
Coating defect location survey of underground pipelines with  DCVG method
High density trail protection potential assessment by CIPS method
Corrosion protection diagnostics
  • Survey of soil corrosivity
  • Survey of corrosion condition
  • Isolation tests of crossings installaed with steel casing pipeProposal for eliminating  corrosion problems
Innovation and development for measurement technologies, devices and equipmets being applied 
Application of remote supervision in  active corrosion protection systems
Corrosion protection training

We strive to meet the needs of our clients by ensuring continuously high quality of our company's services and products.
Our quality management system covers all areas of production and service. 
Our examination activities are carried out by qualified experts from an independent materials testing laboratory accredited by NAH.

What we offer our customers:
Destructive tests
  • Strength (tensile) tests
  • Technological tests
  • Material structuretests
  •  Chemical tests
Non-destructive tests
  • Radiographic tests
  • Ultrasonic troubleshooting tests
  • Dye-penetration test and magnetic particle inspection 
Testing of welding procedure qualifications
Testing of welding procedure qualifications of reinforcing bars
Diagnostic testing of tank bottom plates by eddy current test method
Quick examination, film development and evaluation at the work area (phosphor  laser scanner)
Digitialization of X-ray films

Technological erection work activities include the mechanical assembly and construction of power plants, oil and gas, chemical and other pipeline installations. The implementation task is carried out by highly experienced qualified welders, pipe fitters and locksmiths

What we offer our customers:

Prefabrication on site 
CNC plasma and flame cutting technology
Steel plate rolling and welding
3D pipe bending
Automaticsubmerged-arc welding technology
Prefabrication of isometric spools

Field installation works

Qualified welders and skilled personnel
Modern machines and tools (compressors, generators and welding machines)
Unique, cost-effective design of  of isometric spools

TURBO TEAM Kft. started the maintenance of natural gas compressor stations on November 1, 1995. On October 23, 2015, following the organizational transformation of the group of companies, it was integrated into the Technical Department of OT INDUSTRIES-KVV Kivitelező Zrt. as Station Maintenance Group with 26 persons as the legal successor. The maintenance activities are currently carried out at Beregdaróc, Hajdúszoboszló, Nemesbikk, Városföld, Mosonmagyaróvár, Báta compressor stations.

What we offer our customers:

Preventive maintenance and repairs
SOLAR and GE gas turbine driven gas compressors
Auxiliary equipment and technology server units connected to machine units
Compressor station and associated junction equipment 
Complete maintenance according to applicable maintenance instructions and manuals.

Diagnostic tests, measurements

Lubricant control
Vibration measurements
Thermo-vision tests
Visual inspections by video endoscope

For decades we have been manufacturing tube products, our most famous products are curved arc tubes with welding extension, T-profiles and pipe reducers made of steel, which are mainly used in power plants, oil and gas, chemical and other pipeline installations.

What we offer our customers:
Steel pipe fittings
Bending of 3D bends and isometric spools by  CNC pipe bending machine
Tanks, pressure vessels (up to DN 3200 mm)
Pig launching and Receiving Chambers (up to DN  1000 mm)
Insulatiion flanges (up to DN 1000 mm)
Steel plate rolling and weldingPipe support structures
Surface cleaning of metal products by blasting
Industrial heat treatments