Career Starts

Career planning cannot begin early enough. This is what is believed by József Attila Gimnázium (Budapest), where they help students make choices towards planning their careers every year on the Day of Professions. By an initiative from our colleague András Gergő this year we have hosted Class 9 D helping introduce them to what we deal with here at OT Industries.

In the first part of the program, after a general presentation of the group, some support areas – Sales and Strategy, Purchasing, Finance and HR – were briefly introduced. The presentors tried to show their interest in their profession, showcasing how they and their colleagues work in the field, how they spend their days, and what skills and studies are needed that would help someone in their field get ahead.

In the second hour, a few branches of the Design Business Unit were visited by students and they learned about the complexity, exciting prospects and responsibilities of engineering work from their colleagues. During the walk, they also gained practical knowledge: the team took a group photo by using a laser scanner, and the finished picture was presented to the students at the end of the program. Guests also left with a snack and a gift.