Gigantic monster on the road

A vehicle with a height of 32 meters, with dia of 3.8 meters and mass of 175 tons was produced by our colleagues in Nagykanizsa for a chemical company in the north east of Hungary. In DKG manufacturing plant, such a massive and complicated one-piece device had not yet been produced before. Because of its extreme dimensions, the transportation of the machine, which was a serious challenge, took place during the last few days, and had actually to be performed at night since such a large cargo size could only be driven on the Hungarian roads during the night. At the beginning of September 2017, the equipment was installed on the foundation.
Due to the size and complexity of the equipment, the whole staff of OT Industries DKG was involved in its production.
The project started with the design of the unit in October 2016, followed by production, assembly and pressure testing by its manufacturer. Due to the extreme dimensions, not only these processes, but also the movement and lifting of the equipment in the plant were a real challenge.
This challenging period was crowned by the transportation of the device, which took place during the last days of August. The length of the completed assembly line for shipping was 43 meters and its rolling mass was 254 tons. In addition, due to the characteristics of the Hungarian road network, the 400 km distance had to be made on a 578 km road during a period of 6 days.
The device reached its destination on 1st of September 2017. It was installed and fixed on the foundation on September 5, 2017.
OT Industries DKG and the customer have been in business relationship for decades. DKG had manufactured important equipment for several plants of this company - columns, tanks, heat exchangers - in the previous years. We have submitted several high-value quotations for the production of equipment for forthcoming projects.